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FIFA 15 is Now Free on EA Access Vault for Xbox One

The official announcement of FIFA 16 in not even old news yet and already Electronic Arts is making sure that it gets the limelight instead of FIFA 15.

They have done this by putting the latter on EA Access Vault for free!

Yes, that is correct, you can play the latest FIFA title on your Xbox One for free if you are subscribed to the service.

In case you have been missing out on what EA Access has to offer and it took FIFA 15 to go free in order to bring your attention to it, let me enlighten you.

It is a subscription based service that offers numerous EA titles for free to those whoo pay a small amount for the service on a monthly basis:

EA Access lets you play more games for less. Binge on EA’s best Xbox One games, including Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 15, EA SPORTS UFC, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, and Peggle 2, with more titles being added over time. That’s more than $400 worth of games for just $4.99 a month. Play as much as you want—you’ll never run out of fun.

Other than that, there is also an “exclusive 10% discount on EA digital purchases on Xbox One, this is other than early access to a few games that you can try and then choose to buy later.

The games that are being offered by EA Access now are Battlefield 4, Madden 15, NBA Live 15, NHL 15, Peggle 2, Need for Speed Rivals, Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare, UFC and of course FIFA 15.