Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Adam Jensen’s Actor Discusses Game

We know you are dying to know more about Deus Ex Mankind Divided but that won’t happen unless the developers are willing to share more. What we have at hand is an interview that Elias Toufexis, the actor behind Adam Jensen’s character gave recently.

Initially talking about the game in general he said that he had the opportunity to check out some of the content that has been developed for the game already and in his opinion it is mind blowing:

You guys are going to love Mankind Divided. I’ve seen some of it. Blew my mind.

He didn’t go into details about anything that has not been announced yet, but that is expected; Square Enix would not want the actor to let lose things that they have planned for a later reveal, right?

That being said, he did indulge in talking about the experience he has had with performance capture and the improvements in technology used for developing Deus Ex Mankind Divided as opposed to how it sued to be in the previous games of the series.

Referring to one of the man devices used for the purpose of performance capture, he said he was grateful for the newer gadgets:

Those helmets used to be headache machines after twelve minutes. They’re much better now. And the guys at Eidos-Montreal built a motion capture studio in the studio so it was great to be able to work in their space with them as opposed to us all going down to a motion capture studio that is owned by someone else. It was great to work within the actual studio with the guys for sure.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided still doesn’t have a release date so we can assume there is some time before things really start to materialize.