Batman Arkham Knight Voice Actors Discuss Story, Setting and More

Batman Arkham Knight has tons of characters that we love or hate, but who are those voices? The actors who actually make Scarecrow, a scarecrow and who make Batman feel like it is the Dark Knight speaking!

Here’s a video where some of the voice actors in the game sit down and talk about their character, story of the game and their experiences.

First off we hear Kevin Conroy, the guy known for voicing Batman itself, talk about Scarecrow and Batman and how the story is different. There even are scenes where they show a glimpse of an in-game footage side by side with Conroy voicing the dialogues in the studio.

Next up is the voice actor behind Commissioner Gordon, Jonathan Banks. He talks about who Gordon really is and what he feels for Batman – in Batman Arkham Knight and in general.

Moving on there is John Noble who voices Scarecrow talking about the psychopath he is playing – he seems to enjoy it, apparently. However, Noble stops at nothing short but impressive, and we have all witnessed that in the trailers.

Later in the video we have got Ashley Greene, the vice actor behind Barbara Gordon (also, hopefully, Batgirl in the DLC).

All these actors coming together and pouring their hearts out to give us the most impressive experience in the Batman saga to date is really, really worth the watch.

Check out the video above and tell us if this excites you further about Batman Arkham Knight.