Arkane Not Ready to Present Dishonored 2 at E3 2015

After the highly impressive reception of Dishonored and the amazing fan following that it created back in 2012, we had little doubt that Dishonored 2 was a go.

However, it has been two and a half years since then, and we have been hearing about it since as early as February 2013. Every year the fans expect to see something official from either Bethesda or Arkane Studios, but all we get are rumors and speculations.

Back before E3 2014, it was expected that Dishonored 2 would be showcased at the mega event. That didn’t happen and now all eyes were set at E3 2015.

Sadly, if some of the claims being made on the internet are to be believed, we might not be able to get an official reveal of the game at E3 2015 as well.

According to an industry insider, Arkane Studios still need some time before they can show off the game officially since they have not been able to churn out something substantial yet.

The said developer chose to remain anonymous but stated that he could confirm it for a fact that the game is not ready for a detailed presentation at the conference in June.

That being said, the same source also claimed that a teaser for Dishonored 2 was possible. Similarly, it is expected that they will be able to show off Fallout 4, finally.

Do you think that Dishonored 2 is still going to miss out on the mega event and that Fallout 4, after seemingly endless rumors, is finally going to get an official screen time?