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Xbox One to Get DVR as Windows Media Center Replacement?

Xbox One currently lets us view our favorite TV shows, but there is no option for recording them so that we could watch later. Wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft did something about it?

Well, rumors are circling the internet suggesting that DVR capabilities are soon to be added to the console!

Known technology blogger Paul Thurrott ignited the rumors over at his website when he mentioned something about DVR capabilities being added to Microsoft’s latest home console.

Basing his claim on an unnamed source, Thurrot says that while the tech giant is going to kill off Media Center in Windows 10, they will not leave those users stranded who actually have a use for such a service.

So Microsoft is going to provide people with DVR functionality on Xbox One so that they can watch as well as record TV shows. The console does offer users the ability to watch TV live, but the added ability to record the shows will a welcome feature, won’t it?

That is not all, the rumors also claimed that the feature will go live on the console within this year.

Since we are almost half way through the year, this means we could be hearing about the DVR capabilities within the next couple of months or so – if the news is legit.

Another thing that they will have to add to their to do list after they have introduced TV recording features is Xbox One models with a bigger storage space.

The 500GB we get is enough for now but in the future when you have got media, games and TV recordings packed together, fans will be running out of space pretty soon.