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Wasteland 2 GOTY Edition is Free for Owners and Offers Tons of Improvements

Over on the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page, InXile Entertainment has announced that the upcoming Game of the Year Edition of Wasteland 2 will be available as a free download for all players on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Launching later this Summer, Wasteland 2 promises to offer a jump to Unity 5, which we reported on earlier this year, the latest version of the Unity game engine.

The game will, in turn,  benefit from updated environment textures, completely redone character models, and Physically Based Rendering for more impressive lighting.

They have also added a ton of new voice-over to enrich the game’s cast of characters, including your trusted companions you have grown to love.

The Game of the Year Edition doesn’t just stop with “under the hood” improvements, players will also get a slew of new mechanics to play with.

In the GOTY Edition, you’ll be able to customize your squad of Desert Rangers with over 80 Perks & 20 Quirks.

These new editions let you fine-tune your characters throughout the game with unique bonuses and trade-offs.

For instance, with “Way of the Squeezins” you’ll become a little bit dependent on that special sauce, but gain some short-lived combat bonuses; “Raised in the Circus” will make you more nimble in combat, but you can bet there’s a downside or two to, literally, looking like a clown.

There will also be the new “Precision Strike System” that will let your Rangers target individual body parts on enemies to gain the edge in combat.

Wasteland 2’s Precision strikes will tend towards less random and more reliable. With Precision Strikes, you’ll be able to inflict debilitating status effects on your enemies to turn the tactical tide.

On top of all that players will also see a re-balancing of weapons, loot, and combat across the entire game.

InXile is also looking to the future and will begin promoting their Kickstarter for “A Bard’s Tale IV” coming soon.  So if you like what they do head on over to the website and sign up for alerts on when that will go live.

Will you be playing Wasteland 2’s overhauled game of the year edition?  Are you looking forward to InXile’s newest developments? Let us know in the comments.