The Witcher 3: CDPR, Green Man Gaming Are On The Outs

Things just got a bit interesting with the looming release of CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Apparently, they have been denying deals with many retailers to promote GOG and as a result, got their horns locked with one retailer, Green Man Gaming.

What really happened was that GMG was selling copies of the game for $39 and suddenly the developers advised fans against buying the game keys from them saying that “[they] would kindly ask our fans no to buy via GMG at this time. We had not sold them Keys and don’t know the origin of them.”

This resulted in some commotion since GMG has been in the business for over four years, considered legit, and many of The Witcher 3 fans had already bought the game from them.

So, in an attempt to tell their side of the story, the CEO of Green Man Gaming, Paul Sulyok responded with a lengthy statement.

He first revealed that they indeed had not been contracted by CD Projekt Red directly for selling the game despite many attempts made by the retailer:

CDPR chose not to engage with a number of significant, reputable, and successful retailers, including ourselves, as they instead focused on supporting their own platform GOG.

Then he went on to explain how their keys were actually legitimate:

We reached out to third parties and retailers that were approved by CDPR, to legitimately pass these keys onto our customers. This means that at some point, revenue has been passed directly onto CDPR, and any additional discount on the title is absorbed by us, as we want as many people enjoying The Witcher 3 as possible.

Well, all this is pretty messed up seeing how both the parties are making contrasting statements. I believe nothing will be clarified enough for the fans of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt until CD Projekt Red responds to this statement – which they haven’t done so far.