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Star Wars Battlefront: AT-ST Will be Playable Says Electronic Arts

The last couple of news that we have had with regards to Star Wars Battlefront have all been positive. Firstly, the developers assured that it was not one of those games that create a hype and then get delayed, and then the developers speculated that they expect to sell 9-10 million copies of the game!

While the news we have at hand right now is unrelated to either one of the good tidings above, it is still something that you are going to like.

Another vehicle has been confirmed as playable by Electronic Arts! Remember those All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) vehicles? Yes, they are going to be playable in the game! You would probably know them as chicken walker or simply walker for their two skinny legs.

The news came in from the official Twitter profile of EA Star Wars when they posted an image on the vehicle alongside the words “confirmed playable.”

AT-ST are also featured on top of the boxart of Star Wars Battlefront; and the importance given to them over there was evidence enough to expect that they would be playable.

If you are acquainted with the Star Wars universe, especially The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi, you would know how important the AT-ST can be. They are not only armed vehicles but are also used for transportation – which brings us to their roles in the game itself.

Obviously the developers are yet to go in details about the gameplay which means extensive information on hte use of AT-ST will also pour in at a later date.

Keep checking back for more on Star Wars Battlefront.