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Nintendo May Finally Build Nintendoland

A Tokyo Tech Reporter for Wall Street Journal tweeted about some interesting and long awaited news today.

It seems that Nintendo will be teaming up with Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to build Nintendo themed attractions and rides.

This comes after some speculation that the company would be building their own theme park.  Speculation that ultimately fell flat but still garnered a good amount of approval from Nintendo fans.

Hardly anything is known about what Nintendo plans to do at Universal Studios, however.

According to the tweet, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata would announce more when both Universal and Nintendo were ready to share more information.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo is branching out in various endeavors outside of the video game industry.

Their stock has never been higher and they are on their way to climbing back on top of the video game marketplace. So now is as good a time as ever to try to reach an even broader audience.

What better way to please their loyal fans than to give them a theme park, or part of theme park in this case, that they’ve always been crying out for.

One need only look at the success of the Harry Potter section of Universal to get a feel for what a fan based attraction can do for a fan base as rabid as Nintendo’s.

Universal also announced a new King Kong attraction as well, alongside the Nintendo news, and many fans of giant gorillas rejoiced.

What do you think about an entire theme park dedicated to Nintendo? Does interacting with Link and Mario in real time like Disneyland sound like fun?  Let us know in the comments.