New Destiny Prison of Elders Video Shows the Loot You Can Earn

Having fun playing Destiny: Prison of Elders? Not so easy to beat hah? Well, those who did beat it managed to gather some awesome items along the way.

Courtesy of YouTuber Arekkz Gaming, we have a new video that shows the loot this video maker got during his time with Prison of Elders.

First we are shown the end-game Hunter gauntlet called “Kellhunter’s Rally.” The perks on this include a “Special Weapon Loader” that will increase the reload speed. The second perk is called “Fastball” that will allow your hunter to throw a grenade to a longer distance.

The last perk is named “Ether Claw,” that gives a chance to generate orbs when killing the Fallen with melee attacks. The most notable part of the gauntlet is how it looks. The awesomeness can’t be explained in words, so check out the video above to see for yourself.

The second coolest thing you can earn is a cap called “Kellhunter’s Hood.” It’s red and comes with a feathery collar. Last but not the least Wolve’s Bane, which is a machine.

The rest can be seen in the video above.