Mass Effect 4 Not Mentioned in EA’s Earnings Call!

Yesterday Electronic Arts reported their latest earnings call for the past financial period. It had tons of information regarding their performance in the period, their targets as well as numerous future projects.

However, one major future project was missing, Mass Effect 4.

One must wonder why exactly did they chose not to talk about it when many of their upcoming releases were discussed. For instance they talked about Mirror’s Edge 2 saying that the game will be out in the markets by the first quarter of the next year.

Similarly, they talked about a sequel to Plants-vs-Zombies: Garden Warfare which is also expected to release somewhere in the same period as Mirror’s Edge 2. The earnings call even mentioned Titanfall 2 in the context of release windows saying that it will be released sometime in the fiscal year 2017.

Throughout all this, Mass Effect 4 was ignored alongside their unannounced new IP.

The only thing that makes sense for them to miss out on one of their bigger releases would be that they are holding off the details until their E3 2015 press conference and by discussing the game in the earnings call they didn’t want to reveal details they have planned for a later date.

That press conference is on June 15, by the way.

Last but not the least, a Mass Effect collection has also been heard of. It is expected that the developers will bring together the trilogy together in one pack and probably release it before things start getting really heated up for Mass Effect 4.

Could there be any other reason why Electronic Arts didn’t discuss the game in their earnings call? Shout out in the comments below if you have any ideas.