Fallout 4 Will Finally Be Revealed at E3 with a Demo?

According to German games site PC Games, Bethesda is apparently planning to showcase a 20-30 minute demo of Fallout 4 to select news outlets at E3.

The German site further states that Bethesda will forgo a public announcement altogether and keep it’s most anticipated game under wraps as best they can.

This is interesting news, not only because of the buzz Fallout 4 already has behind it, but also of Bethesda’s announcement that they will have a conference at E3, which we reported on earlier this week.

From fake fan sites with countdowns to fan made trailers on Youtube, Fallout 4 is easily one of the most anticipated games in well over a decade.

The last time we got to visit the Irradiated wastelands of the Fallout universe was almost five years ago with the release of “Fallout: New Vegas”.  Since then everyone has been clamoring for something new.

A new reason to throw on our Vault jumpsuits, strap on our Pip-Boys, and throw down with some Super Mutants.

What we have to ask is that if this 20-30 minutes video rumor is true, how long until we receive and official announcement? Is the 20-30 minutes they are showing just simple tech demos or is it a more finished product?  Are they possibly waiting until the official five year mark?

Either way, Bethesda will surely have a treasure trove of other things to show fans if Fallout 4 continues to be a whisper on the wind by fans across the world.

What are you looking forward to in the newest Fallout game? Do you believe the rumors are true that we may finally get to see Fallout 4 by this time next year?