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Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.2.1 Datamined; Exploits Defined by Blizzard

We have stumbled upon a few new details regarding Diablo 3 including a patch datamine as well as a much needed explanation of what the developers treat as an exploit.

Firstly, someone asked Brandy Camel aka Nevalistis, the community representative of Blizzard Entertainment about the exact definition of an exploit. Good question if you ask me, there is a fine line that distinguishes what the developers would regard as acceptable and what they would want to ban.

So she responded with a pretty simplified answer that you might be able to use as a yardstick here on:

It can be an extremely fine line. This was a case of a bug that required very specific steps to abuse. Not really “by accident.”

Moving on, a community website DiabloFans datamined the recent Diablo III PTR Patch 2.2.1 to bring out small details on what is in store for you later. They have listed everything they found, here it is:

a4_Heaven_Shrine_TreasureGoblin: Bandit Shrine
BnetStorePremiumPass_FlexExplaination: Your previous purchase of Premium Package has discounted Deluxe Package for you.
ErrorMessageReEnterPin: Please enter the correct NetEase pin.
DailyFirst_BossKill: First Boss (reworded from Major) Kill of the Day!
SignificantKill_Title Boss: (reworded from Major) Kill
SignificantKill_Details: You killed a Boss (reworded from Major)!

However if you wish to look at something a bit more exciting, here’s a video that shows how a player reaches level 70 in Diablo III in just 60 seconds.

Things have been a little quieter these days, but keep checking back with us for news on Diablo III.