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Destiny Patch 1.2.0 Update Available Now, Makes Way For House of Wolves Expansion

Destiny servers were taken offline today in what many consider to be a preparation for their House of Wolves Expansion. 

Bungie has assured the fan base that more updates will be released soon as they prepare for their big May 19th release.

You can expect a laundry list of bug fixes, balancing, and general cleaning to happen when Bungie unlocks the patch which they promise would be at a later date.

There is also an upcoming expansion this September, but fewer details are available for that aside from the title and some speculation we reported on earlier

There has been some buzz about the September expansion and one could definitely expect to see a few announcements by the time e3 rolls around next month.

Along with Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, it is a great time to be a Destiny player.

Destiny is quickly approaching its one year anniversary and the player base has continued to grow for Bungie’s multiplayer online shooter.  With more than 3 million unique users everyday, it’s no wonder that Destiny is quickly approaching Halo as it’s number one seller.

For those users who are still craving their Destiny fix, you can log onto Bungie’s Twitch channel to check out some of the developers playing with the newest build of the game while the rest of the community waits in anticipation for more wonderful content.

How excited are you for the new releases coming this year? Will you be there in person for the one year anniversary of grinding out those same old dungeons? Let us know below.