Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets 20 Advanced Supply Drops Bundle on PS4, Purchase Limit Removed

Sledgehammer Games has introduced 20 Advanced Supply Drops bundle to PlayStation 4 players.

The bundle is available via the in-game store and is priced at $39.99. It will also come with eight bonus supply drops, meaning you’re getting a total of 28 supply drops for the above mentioned price.

Also, there is no longer a limit on the amount of supply drops you can buy in the game. PlayStation 4 players can now purchase as many drops as they wish. Spend more money, get more items; and probably an edge is battle.

Each supply drop features three random items. One of them will be a weapon variant and at least one is said to be of Professional or higher rarity. All of these items come along with their own armory slots, so no worries there. You can also redeem these for XP if you aren’t happy with them.

A single supply drop will cost you $1.99, while a bundle of three Advanced Supply Drops (with nine items) will cost you $5.99.

Another bundle offer is available for $9.99 and features five Advanced Supply Drops along with one bonus drop. Means you’re getting a total of 18 items for the said price.

Moreover, if you can spend $19.99 you can purchase ten supply drops in addition to three bonus drops having you a total of 39 items.

Lastly, for a hefty price of $39.99 you are getting 20 Advanced Supply Drops and with eight bonus drops, having a total of 84 items.

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