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Batman Arkham Knight: Barbara Gordon is Batgirl!

A couple of days ago it was revealed by the developers of Batman Arkham Knight that the Season Pass of the game was going to bring another playable character for you in the shape of Batgirl.

Ever since this information was made public, many fans of the series were trying to find out which character from the series was actually going t don the suit of Batgirl.

If you have been in touch with Batman comics and movies in the past you would know why that is important; because the role has been played by many characters like Stephanie Brown, Betty Kane, Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon.

Some of these were liked, others weren’t. For instance I never liked the idea of anyone filling in the role of the female counterpart to Batman other than Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon.

Apparently, the makers of Batman Arkham Knight thought so too!

Sefton Hill, the game director took to his official Twitter profile to reveal that Barbara Gordon is indeed the Batgirl you will be playing with in the game.

As a few of you have asked about the DLC, “who is Batgirl?” I can confirm it is indeed Barbara Gordon.

However, do remember that the Batgirl DLC which comes in the Season Pass is going to play out as a prequel to Arkham Knight. This is way before Barbara gets shot by The Joker and turns into Oracle.

Do you think that the involvement of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl also warrants that Joker will be there at least in the said DLC pack of Batman Arkham Knight?