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Playable Silent Hills Demo Has Finally Been Laid to Rest

It looks like the final nail in the coffin has finally been hammered down for Konami’s “Silent Hills” game.

It’s currently being confirmed all across the internet that the fan favorite playable demo “P.T.” is no longer downloadable, even if you own it on your console.

This comes just a week or so after news that it would be removed from all online stores but still playable if you had already downloaded it previously.

There’s still tons of speculation about why Konami have been so adamant about squashing the newest Silent Hill entry, but it’s definitely safe to say that it isn’t gaining them very much positive feedback from the fan base.

Many fans have taken to social media to call out the acclaimed publisher and ask them why but the silence continues.

Based on the demo alone, it appeared fans of horror games were going to be getting a legitimately frightening game that wasn’t just blood and guts.

To see such potential wasted has made many generally upset with the games industry at the moment.

Were you looking forward to “Silent Hills”?  Did you have a chance to play “P.T.”?  Let us mourn the passing of this potentially terrifying game in the comments below.