Fable Legends is Bringing Pucks to the Arena

Fable Legends: Return to Albion is quickly growing in buzz and Developer Lionhead Studios has kept the hype train rolling by announcing a new class of minion for all you evil Villain players out there.

On the heels of their last video introducing the annoying “Red Caps”, Lionhead Studios has released a new preview of upcoming minions.

Today, we get our first look at “Pucks” in Fable Legends.  A half human, half goat that future Villain players will have an opportunity to release on unsuspecting hero players.

Fable Legends: Return to Albion is a cooperative role playing game set in the Fable based land of Albion. You can choose to play as a hero, working with others either AI or human controlled characters.

Or a villain working against the hero players in an attempt to thwart their good plans. You’ll send out groups of minions like the Pucks to take them down and steal their loot.

Return to Albion doesn’t currently have an official release date but it is currently in closed Beta so you can head over to the Fable Legends website and sign up for early access.

Will you be playing Fable Legends: Return to Albion?  What side will you be choosing?  Let us know in the comments below!