Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragonslayer DLC Given the Trailer Treatment

Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to receive two new content packs today in the form of Dragonslayer and The Black Emporium.

Both are going to be free of cost and will be available simultaneously across all platforms. They will be accompanied by a major patch that will introduce a lot of fixes and improve overall stability.

The Dragonslayer DLC pack is going to bring cooperative battles against fearsome dragons. According to the original announcement, players will have to craft a special item called Dragon’s Call and “then test your mettle against the fiercest beasts in Thedas!”

Three new inquisition agents are also being introduced: a fierce Avvar warrior called Skywatcher from the Fallow Mire, Zither, the mage musician who was revealed as an April Fools prank, and Isabela, Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

The Black Emporium is a “premier shopping destination” where players can purchase new weapons, accessories, crafting materials, and rare items from Xenon, the the Antiquarian. Additionally, the store also allows players to change their character’s facial features.

BioWare recently announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition would be getting its first major story expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, on May 26. It will be released first on the Xbox One, and then later arrive on the rest of the platforms.