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Destiny Patch 1.2.0 May Release Tomorrow, Hidden Patch Notes Leaked By A Reddit User

Destiny patch 1.2.0 was expected sometime before the release of  House of Wolves expansion. The expansion is dated but the patch yet to be given a release date.

Bungie shared a few details about the new patch and what we can expect from it, but according to a reddit user, he has found some hidden patch notes in the official Bungie website.

Here are is the changelog he came across:

  • Fixed a bug where the Hive Disruptor perk on the Black Hammer would interrupt with White Nail.
  • Fixed a bug where a player leaving a game or an occurrence of host migration would result in players being unable to respawn.
  • Fixed a rare bug where if a player were to use a consumable it would reset their ammo.
  • Increased the percent chance to obtain rewards when playing crucible.
  • Players who preform at the top of their team in crucible have a greater chance of rewards as to those at the bottom.
  • Fixed a bug where the time between shots of the Black Hammer to activate White Nail was reduced.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a locked item could not be unlocked.
  • Reduced the amount of total ammo of the perk Double Down when combined with Field Scout.
  • Increased the percent chance of activating the perk Mulligan upon missing a shot.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to obtain Iron Banner weapons according to the rank of their previous Iron Banner.
  • Changed the description of certain perks to be more fitting with their abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where a player would lose all ammo upon switching special weapons in the crucible.
  • Added reward packages for players who participate in the daily featured crucible activity for their first game.
  • Added Crucible maps from The Dark Below to the normal Crucible rotation for Control, Clash, Skirmish and Rumble. (Pantheon, Skyshock and The Cauldron).

These changes are in addition to the already revealed changelog by Bungie. Also, the reddit user said the patch may release tomorrow, if some hidden information is to be believed.

If that’s true, we can expect to see some downtime tomorrow to prepare the game for House of Wolves.  You can follow the link here to read more.