Wolfenstein The Old Blood Errors, Crashes, Textures, Performance, Black Screen and Fixes

Bethesda is good at releasing expansions for their games and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a product of similar strategy. As many of you might know already, the standalone expansion serves as the Prequel to The New Order.

The game is finally out on Steam along with PS4 and Xbox One so it’s time to get your hands dirty with some nazi-blood. However, there are possibilities that you might run into some unforeseen and unwanted issues.

In that case, we have a list of most common issues being experienced by the gamers at large with possible fixes. Feel free to browse through the following listing to find workarounds.

#1 Wolfenstein The Old Blood Unpack Issue
If you have pre-loaded the game in your SSD (with limited space), try moving it to your hard disk drive. Before you unpack, make sure that you have double the amount of free hard disk space for the installation.

#2 Wolfenstein The Old Blood Texture Pop-In Issue Fix
Well it’s Id Tech and it’s Wolfenstien so yes, there are chances that you might experience Texture Pop-in issues. For the time being, you can try using this workaround.

#3 Wolfenstein The Old Blood – Game Crashes on Startup
First thing you need to do is verify the cache of your game files. If that doesn’t work, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of your GPU drivers.

Also, if you are running any third party applications like a game recorder in the background, try disabling it.

#4 Wolfenstein The Old Blood Advanced Options Not Saving
Well, there is an apply button but and it’s strangely placed on the top of the menu. You need to apply the changes to make them effective.

#5 Wolfenstein The Old Blood Performance Issues
If you are using a laptop, it goes without saying that your machine should be plugged in for optimum performance. If that’s not the issue, you need to make sure that you are using latest version of GPU drivers for your hardware.

For texture related issues, you can refer to #2.

#6 Wolfenstein The Old Blood – Black Screen Issue
If you can hear the sound in the background but can’t see anything except a black screen, you should try lowering your monitor’s refresh rate to 60hz. If that doesn’t work, try running the game in windowed mode or changing game’s resolution according to your monitor.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will help you out!