Wildstar Fifth Content Update Has Gone Live, Brings Companion Pets to Nexus

Wildstar’s fifth content update has gone live and adds companion pets in addition to new raids and adventures.

Dubbed as Invasion: Nexus, the latest update adds tons of content and customization options including companion pets – a feature fans have been demanding for quite a long time. According to Carbine Studios, over fifty different pets are available to collect.

The said update also adds a new adventure, a new raid, and a new post-cap space in Star-Comm Basin.

Dubbed as Bay of Betrayal, the new adventure tasks players to infiltrate the Ascendancy as an Acolyte Technopath in order to “subvert the Ascendancy and rise through the ranks by emerging victorious in contests against other hopeful acolytes.”

As for the post-cap players, they can choose to rescue Star-Comm Basin from invading into enemy factions such as Grimvoid Marauders, Purewater Ikthians, and the Strain.

And lastly, the new raid Initialization Core Y-83 which “is a single-boss, 20-player raid instance that has opened up within the Defile. This encounter also comes with an opt-in challenge mode that increases the encounter’s level of difficulty.”

For more information and to read up the complete update notes, head over to Wildstar-Online weblog. You can also check out the new INVASION: Nexus trailer above and share your impressions with us!