Square Kicks Off New Final Fantasy VI Event

If you haven’t been playing the mobile game “Final Fantasy: Record Keeper” then Square-Enix has given you an amazing opportunity to hop on board this week. They have begun a brand new ten day long event that tasks you with recovering the memories of everyone’s favorite Magitek Elite, Final Fantasy VI’s Terra.

You’ll battle through various enemies and bosses in the Magitek Labs taken straight from the original game in a quest to accumulate enough memories to unlock the character Celes to add to your party.

You’ll also be able to unlock rare and hard to find weapons and armor to make your current party stronger. If you haven’t heard of Record Keeper before now, it is a mobile game for Android and

Apple devices that places you in the role of a mystical sage in training who is responsible for keeping all the stories from all the Final Fantasy universes intact within magical paintings.

One day, the paintings begin to crack and you have to travel back to all the Final Fantasy worlds you know and love to put back the pieces of the fractured stories.

You’ll meet fan favorites Cloud and Wakka through normal progression with various special events to unlock characters like Sephiroth and Terra. Lots of hours of nostalgic gameplay with the usual, but non-intrusive, free to play game tropes.  

It’s available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play store right now.

Have you given “Final Fantasy: Record Keeper” a try?  What did you think and are you working on unlocking Celes at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!