Silver Mario Amiibo Spotted in GameStop’s System, Coming Soon?

Wave 4 of Amiibo figures are hitting the market this month, but Nintendo is still painfully silent regarding the Silver Mario. The mystery of Silver Mario amiibo remains unsolved to this day.

The Silver Mario was seen around the time when Gold Mario came out as a Walmart exclusive. Since then, it has been spotted at different retailers like Target and more.

Now, the notorious Silver Mario is spotted once again at another retailer. This time it was seen at GameStop. According to a new source, the figure is in GameStop’s system but it isn’t yet dated or available for pre-order.

We aren’t sure how reliable this source is, but considering the amount of leaks and hints regarding this one particular amiibo, something is surely up.

It is also unclear if Silver Mario is going to be an exlcusive to a certain retailer, but it seems it is not.

Wave 4 of the amiibo figures include Robin, Lucina, Ness, Pac-Man, Charizard, Wario, Jigglypuff, Greninja, and three Splatoon themed toys.

Each figure is going to be available for $12.99, and although I don’t agree with the price point, but it seems fans just love all things Nintendo regardless of the price.

We’ll let you know if anything new comes forward regarding the Silver amiibo.