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New Nintendo 3DS Exploit Makes The Handheld Region-Free

We have yet another exploit for the Nintendo 3DS that will make the  handheld region-free. However, once again you will need the old puzzle game РCubic Ninja Рto run it.

The technique is simple and is another one of the creations of the notorious 3DS coder Jordan “Smealum” Rabet. He was also responsible for a 3DS homebrew loader which used Cubic Ninja.

So what exactly makes this region-free exploit noteworthy? Why are we here discussing it? Well, unlike other exploits of the same kind, this one supports the latest 3DS firmware and also works on the new 3DS models.

Also, it won’t open any doors to loading any homebrew or pirated applications.

You will need QR codes which are necessary to complete the hacking process. The codes are available at the link here.

You will have to scan the QR code in Cubic Ninja. More details are available at the link.

The process seems to be simple enough but the thing is, it is really difficult to find a copy of Cubic Ninja.

Nintendo will surely not watch in silence and will patch things up soon.

Nintendo has made things clear by saying:

Nintendo continuously monitors all threats to its products’ security. We will take the necessary technical and legal steps to prevent the facilitation of piracy and to protect intellectual property rights.

Don’t you think it would be easier if Nintendo just makes the handheld region-free?