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Killer Instinct Raises $100,000 in Three Days of its Community Funding Event

Killer Instinct has manged to raise over $100,000 in the first three days of its Community Funding event, Iron Galaxy Studios has revealed.

The campaign was announced last week by the developer, and which would raise prize money for future online tournaments for Killer Instinct. Today, Community Manager Jebailey posted a “huge announcement” regarding its success.

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that the Killer Instinct Crowdfunding initiative has SUCCEEDED! We hit the goal of $100,000 within the first 72 hours of the offer going live! There is now $100K in the community fund for tournaments and we are pleased to announce the first tournament we are supporting – EVO this July! We are contributing $50,000 to the prize pool for Killer Instinct.

In a followup Q&A, the developer confirmed that Shadow Jago will finally become a real character in Killer Instinct before the end of the year. Even though the crowdfunding is over, players can still purchase the Shadow Jago Community Bundle until May 14.

Iron Galaxy Studios plans to announce more supported tournaments once EVO is done in July.

It’s always great to see a community band together to support something they all love and believe in. With the success of this specific funding event, Iron Galaxy can now do similar events each year to have the community participate and in return give them an excellent competitive scene.