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First Rock Band 4 Details Shared By Harmonix

Rock Band 4 could be the last game of its kind you’ll ever need, that’s what Harmonix aim to achieve with the game. If the following details about the game are any indication, Harmonix is close to achieving their goal with Rock Band 4.

Speaking about the game, developer Harmonix shared more about the drummer, vocalist and fans who want to go on a rock tour via a campaign mode.

The title will take us back to the original rock band music instruments – guitar, bass, drums and vocals – meaning the keyboard experience will no longer be in the game.

As soon as players jump in to the game, many changes will become immediately noticeable.

One of the changes revealed by the developers is related to the drummer, who’ll count-in before each set. The drummer will tap on the green tom to count the band in.

This is a minor change but will add a lot to the experience, because drummers do this during real-life performances as well.

Also, pre-set drum fills are going to replace the blank overdrive sections. Before this, drummers were able to hit a few notes in a certain areas to activate overdrive.

This sometimes resulted in off-beat and awkward tunes.

As a solution, Rock Band 4 choses from a random set of fills in accordance with the genre, and offers them to the players.

According to Product Manager Daniel Sussman:

Every fill that you play is completely in time and sounds great. They are all authored, but you have the real experience drummers have of having to be random every time through the song.

Moreover, Rock Band 4 will see the return of harmonizing vocals feature we saw in The Beatles: Rock Band.

Thanks to a group of fans, this feature will be available for every song in the series library. These fans went through each song in Rock Band and without charging a single penny to Harmonix, authored the harmonies.

The Soloist on the other hand won’t have to stick to the original song all the time.

Lastly, the campaign will act as an RPG, Harmonix explained:

We’re just working really hard at making everything feel like you are living this story, feeling what it’s like to be a musician playing gigs [and] playing shows. We want you to step up to the mic and interact with them, tell jokes, have them respond to your jokes, you know? Everything’s about all the stuff that all of us might have experienced, and want to share it with the people playing the game.

You can read more at the link provided above.