Do Jason’s Kills in Mortal Kombat X Fall Flat?

Since Freddy’s arrival on the Mortal Kombat scene fans have been wondering if we’d ever see Jason make an appearance as well. So his announcement a few months back garnered a lot of horror fan’s attention and excitement. 

Surely, he would be the best! Well, the ever frightening and sometimes cheesy Jason Voorhies has arrived to the Mortal Kombat X arena today for players who purchased the “Kollector’s Edition” of the game and next week to everyone else, but many are already talking about his lackluster fatality set.

For a character who is almost exclusively known for murdering people, you would think that his killing moves would be a bit more inspired. When compared to Cassie’s selfies with decapitated heads and Ermac’s intestine pulling abilities Jason’s simple slasher kills fall a little flat.

To get a better look at what the community is talking about, Youtube user MKIceandFire has made the first compilation video showcasing all of Jason’s Fatalities, Brutalities, and X-Ray combos.

Now is the time to decide for yourself.

What did you think?  His entrances are pretty great nods to the franchise and the liberal machete usage is cool but the community may be right on this one. Do you agree that Jason’s moves et could have been better or did they do the big man justice?

Will we see a return of Freddy as a playable character to compliment Mr. Voorhies and duke it out with the also announced Predator? Sound off in the comments below!