AtomHawk Publically Releases Mortal Kombat X Arena and Character Concept Art

Digital art and design studio Atomhawk have publically released first images from their work on NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat X on their revamped website.

A team comprising of five artists collaborated with Warner Bros.’ NetherRealm Studio to work on battle arenas such as Raiden’s Sky Temple and Rain’s Cove. Furthermore, the team also created new characters such as Erron Black, Ninja Mime, and Dark Raiden.

Speaking of Atomhawk’s work on Mortal Kombat X, Atomhawk Director and Founder Ron Ashtiani stated that NetherRealm Studios gave the team freedom to explore new ideas and creative directions:

The biggest challenge for us was creating a new, more believable Mortal Kombat universe than we had worked with on Mortal Kombat 9, while still building on the game’s well-loved heritage. Fortunately, our long standing relationship with Nether Realm meant they afforded us a large amount of creative trust to explore and develop new ideas.

And as a result, Mortal Kombat X turned out to be one of the most gorgeous fighting games out there, boasting the biggest launch in MK history.

There are tons of never-before-seen concept images available at Atomhawk website. You can also have a look at them in gallery below:

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Source: Atomhawk Press Release.