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Star Wars: Battlefront Maps Will Not Feature 64-Player Battles

Star Wars: Battlefront fans are mistaken if they are expecting the game to be featuring maps that allow for up to 64-player battles.

Developer DICE has confirmed that multiplayer maps are currently being designed to play host to 40 players at maximum, with 8 players at the minimum.

This was revealed by Producer Craig Mcleod in an interview with IGN. He further stated that the game would offer a variety of modes that affect the tone of gameplay. The 8-player mode, for example, is a “more intimate experience,” while the 40-player is pure mayhem.

The assumption of Star Wars: Battlefront featuring 64-player battles was based on the Battlefield series, where DICE has allowed for that many players to go on a rampage. Naturally, players thought that the same formula would be jumping over to DICE’s new game.

The developer, however, made it clear that the missing 64-player battles will not in any way lessen the experience.

Over on Reddit, a DICE employee responded that “it was an internal decision” and one which was not based of “Battlefield telemetry.”

“Battlefront is not Battlefield. That’s never been the intention; our intention with Battlefront is to build a game that feels and is very different from Battlefield.”

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled for a release on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.