Persona 5 Screenshots, Story Details Shared by PlayStation Japan

Back in December 2014 Persona 5 was confirmed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but that was expected after the impressive performance of the previous titles in the series.

Soon after that, the developers started funnelling out details on the gameplay, personas, the game’s theme and a lot more in multiple ways.

While we are still waiting for the official release date of the high school life based role playing game, PlayStation Japan has decided to indulge us in some awesome screenshots featuring the characters, class rooms, the high school, stations and what look like scenes from the case that our protagonist is going to work on.

You can see all the newly released screenshots of Persona 5 in the gallery below.

That being said, they have also talked about previously known and unknown bits of the story of the game.

The students attend Shujin High School where their life and growth is focused upon especially paying attention to the fact that our protagonist’s life is not in an ideal state.

When they say that, they mean all the drama and challenges that come with a high school life, imagine reliving the days – except you will do it through Persona 5.

However, an incident changes everything for our protagonist and his friends by giving them “Personas,” the powers of their heart, and putting them face to face with a major case. This turns things to the city, introduces new characters and then grows the story exponentially hereafter.

Atlus has still not shared any details on the exact release date of the game but it is being regarded as one of the most wanted titles in Japan at the moment. Will US react the same?