New Video Discusses The Division’s Base of Operations, and More

A new video released by

" target="_blank">Open World Games discusses the potential and mechanics of the Base of Operations in The Division.

The frozen wastelands of New York City is now home to multiple factions that have ceased certain regions under their names. Liberating such regions will grant you a Base of Operation, which can also be customized and upgraded to gain access to special rewards.

Having a Base of Operations means having useful facilities like an armory, medical tent, and trade-station. Players will also be then provided with better intel on the surrounding areas.

At this point it’s assumed that each player will have to unlock his/her own Base of Operations. Opting for cooperative play will only mean that you’ll be helping the host unlock theirs.

Liberating a Base of Operations will mean going through an entire faction, and either finishing them off or running them out. This will ultimately have a dire effect on how other factions look at you. You can either gain allies or foes, depending on whose door you decided to knock unannounced.

While Ubisoft has not mentioned what locations will be used for bases, it’s speculated that Grand Central Station and the Intrepid aircraft carrier are going to be used by players. The original E3 2014 demo has already confirmed that the New York post office is going to be at least one functional base.

The Division is slated for a release later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A release date is still pending, and we hope the game is not delayed a second time.