GTA 5 Mod Lets Players Control In-Game Cellphone Using an iPhone

A recent GTA 5 Mod apparently lets players use their in-game cellphone using their real-life iPhone.

A redditor – PlantLeak recently posted the video showing an iPhone app which lets him controller his in-game cellphone. The said app imitates the UI of the GTA-phone which is achieved using xcode.

For every action, the app sends out a URL to his Arduino webserver which then runs a Keybinding Macro which lets him use in-game phone’s features such as sending and receiving calls or messages, view game progress, and even capture in-game photos.

The programmer has yet to share the app or even its Source Code with the public, but I will most definitely pay for it just because it is exceedingly cool.

PlantLeak has also shared a video, demonstrating the fluidity and how exactly the app works. You can check it out in the featured video above!

In related GTA 5 Mod news, the team behind GTA 5 Multiplayer Mod FiveM has released an experimental version of its mod allowing players to play on dedicated servers with user-generated mods. To read up more on this, check this post!

And this is why kids, we prefer PC. JK!