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Dota 2 Gifting Restrictions: Valve “Didn’t Have a Better Solution”

Recently Valve put in place a set of unwelcome and highly criticised set of gift restrictions in Dota 2.

We have all been asking for explanations and so Valve Corporation’s Daniel.J took up the matter at the Dota 2 subReddit with a detailed post. Apparently, all the criticism had made the developers realize that they at least owed an explanation for the gift restrictions if not a solution.

He said, interestingly, that they “hate the gift restrictions as much as you do,” however they were out of option due to the inherent risk of fraud – coupled with a few other issues:

Here’s the problem: Bad guys buy compendiums with stolen credit cards, and then resell them to other players at a discount. It can take days to determine that the cards were stolen, and that a fraudulent item had been added to the economy. We can’t effectively punish the fraudsters, because they’re not really traceable – they commit the fraud on new or stolen accounts, never on their own accounts. In addition, these side markets make it very easy for people to get scammed.

He revealed that compendium purchases by fraudulent parties had risen rapidly from 2013 to 2014 and there was “a massive growth in scam-related support requests from users.”

Not only does this impact the users but also Valve itself because obviously if complaints of fraud are too high for the services they are offering, you guys might end up losing credit card support as the authorities will stop them from it.

So yeah, as much as Valve hated doing it to the Dota 2 community, Daniel says that they “didn’t have a better solution.”