Divinity: Original Sin, and Lords of the Fallen Developers Announcing New Games at E3 2015

Larian Studios, the maker of last year’s Divinity: Original Sin, is confirmed to be announcing a new game at E3 2015.

The developer is going to be working with Focus Home Interactive – acting publisher – on the new title. There, however, is no information on whether this is going to be a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, a new role-playing game, or something entirely new.

Over on the investors’ information page of Focus Home Interactive, the publisher revealed that it is also working with German-based studio Deck 13, who was behind last year’s Lords of the Fallen. Apparently, we’ll be seeing Deck 13 announce their new game at E3 2015 as well.

Two major collaborations will be unveiled in Los Angeles at E3, the biggest international gaming trade fair. Among them, Focus will present the new project from Deck 13, best German studio 2014. Its last game, Lords of the Fallen, has sold nearly a million copies on consoles and PC since October 2014.

The most recent collaboration is from Belgian studio Larian, successful developer of the Divinity series. Focus and Larian are holding a beautiful surprise for players and journalists around the world at E3 in Los Angeles.

Lords of the Fallen might have gotten off to a shaky launch on PC, but Divinity: Original Sin surprised everyone with its beautiful single-player and cooperative experience. The game even went on to be nominated in the annual Game Awards show for Best Role Playing Game.