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Black Mesa Could Soon Be Released On Steam, Workshop Goes Live

We won’t be getting Half Life 3 anytime soon as we have been for over a decade, without any word from Valve. However, fans of Half Life may soon be able to play a “re-envisioning” of Valve’s original Half-Life on Steam.

Just a couple of days ago, a mysterious countdown went live on the official Black Mesa website. For those who don’t know, Black Mesa is the “re-envisioning” in question, created by some fans who love Valve’s epic franchise. The countdown ends tomorrow on May 5th.

While fansĀ areĀ hoping for the Xen missions to be released, it seems developers may have other plans. Earlier, a Steam Workshop for Black Mesa went live which hints towards a release of the long awaited Steam version of Black Mesa.

As the developers revealed before, the Steam version of the game will use a “newer” version of Valve’s popular Source engine.

Black Mesa on Steam will include some features which the free version can not have, according to developers. Black Mesa has been in development since 2004 at some capacity. It was also among the first projects to pass Steam Greenlight process.

The team developing Black Mesa are a group of average fans with love for this game. They didn’t create Black Mesa with money in mind but they believe they can certainly use some financial help. Hence, the paid Steam version of the game.

The development team says that the title will be available at the lower price but even if it’s not, I believe fans won’t have any issue paying a little extra for this game.