Battlefield 4 ‘The Megalodon’ Easter Egg Has Been Found

It seems there is nothing that can go past Easter Egg hunters from Battlefield Community. An earlier patch for Battlefield 4 gave community members a clue and sent than looking for an Easter Egg in the game. It’s not your average Easter Egg, it’s the biggest one yet for Battlefield 4.

The Easter Egg in question is The Megalodon, also known as The Paracel Storm Monster. Fans started looking for this back in December 2013, when it was rumored that something big is hidden in Paracel Storm, a popular Battlefield 4 map.

Fans followed clues and as we now know, they all guided us into the right direction.

However, the final piece of the puzzle wasn’t in the game until a recent patch was released. Now that we have all the pieces we need, it’s time to find what it was all about. The above posted video will guide you through the whole process, courtesy of YouTuber Jackfrags.

It is believed that this giant Megalodon Easter Egg is added to thank fans who took part in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment.

Hmmm.. Seems like a really odd way to thank fans. I would have liked to have some free content. Anyways, check out the video and try it out for yourself.