Steam Bug Breaks Down Community Market For Indonesian Gamers

Earlier today, the Steam community market saw to a drastic bug that broke down the economy rates for Indonesia gamers.

Based on the technical error, one Indonesian Rupee was set to be worth one US dollar in the market. In comparison, the actual exchange rate is 13,000 rupees to one US dollar.

You can well imagine the joy of Indonesian buyers and despair of sellers. An item worth $3 was being sold for 3 rupees, which meant that the seller got practically nothing. There are even images floating about on Reddit showcasing emails from sellers who received $0.00 for their sale.

Valve was quick to act on the problem, but not before transactions pertaining to millions had already been made. The market has since then been disabled, and it’s likely that Valve will be rolling back all sales done during this ordeal.

“Early this morning, a problem with our currency exchange rate data allowed users who use Indonesian Rupiahs in their Steam wallet to make purchases on the Community Market at heavily discounted prices,” announced Valve. “We have reverted as many of these purchases as possible. Steam Trading and the Community Market were both disabled while this rollback process was occurring, but are now enabled once again.

“A relatively small set of users have one or more transactions where the item was restored back to the seller, but the wallet funds have not yet been returned to the buyer. We are still working to resolve this issue and appreciate your patience while we sort everything out.”

The cause of the bug has not been verified, but Valve intends to start investigating the issue soon.

via Reddit