Microsoft Announces Free Xbox Live Multiplayer Weekend for Xbox 360 Owners

Microsoft has announced a free Xbox Live Multiplayer Weekend (From May 1 to May 3) only for Xbox 360 owners across all Xbox Live regions.

The announcement came via Microsoft’s Major ‘Larry Hyrb’ Nelson who writes that Xbox 360 owners only need to sign into their Xbox Live profile and start a multiplayer session in any game:

You may have finished the single player, but that’s only half the game. We’re unlocking multiplayer on Xbox Live Gold to give you a chance to play your favorite Xbox 360 games online. Simply log on to your Xbox 360 during the Free Multiplayer Weekend and experience the fun of fighting side-by-side with friends and allies.

Xbox Live Gold Membership usually costs around $59.99 USD which not only allows players to enjoy multiplayer gaming, but also avail free games every month and exclusive sales.

Microsoft has also unveiled a promotional video which can be seen attached above.

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