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EA Announces Its E3 2015 Press Conference

EA has announced that it will be hosting its annual E3 press conference on June 15, just before the trade show officially begins.

This year, the company is calling its event “Live to Play,” and which will last for an hour. According to the announcement, the press conference will start at 13:00 PDT/16:00 EDT/21:00 BST.

EA, however, has not revealed details of the games it will be bringing to the show. Battlefield: Hardline’s presence is probably assured, and we’ll see the publisher revealing future content for the cops-versus-robbers shooter.

Fans, though, will be watching this year’s show solely for two major reveals: Star Wars: Battlefront and the new Mass Effect (which at the moment everyone is dubbing as Mass Effect 4).

Since the start of the year, BioWare has been teasing us about how good the game is looking. The team has shared regular updates of achieving development milestones, and all of that is leading to a sizeable reveal at E3 2015. If anything, we’ll finally know what they have decided to call the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront received an impressive in-engine trailer earlier this month. If we’re very lucky, and I do mean very, EA will treat us to some in-game footage as well.

Finally, there’s the chance of seeing Mirror’s Edge being mentioned.