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WWE 2K15 PC Version Supports Modding Confirms 2K

Okay so this means shit just got real for almost everyone who is into WWE 2K15 and also happens to like mods. Modding has been confirmed for the PC version of the title!

The two things together are going to give us some really weird but interesting creations, I can already imagine modders twisting around the famous wrestlers to give us something equally ridiculous but worth playing.

Marcus Stevenson of 2K Sports was recently asked by a fan over his Twitter profile whether the game will allow modding. Since the guy insisted that he would buy it only if he can create mods on WWE 2K15, Stevenson replied by saying “you can. Now buy.”

What better way could you think of a game’s debut on PC?

If you have played the game previously you would be well acquainted with the character editor. It ships with the game but it already offers a good deal of customizations. Imagine what the modding community will be able to do with the game when they get the tools to grow on it.

It was confirmed a couple of days ago that the PC version of WWE 2K15 will bring all the previously released downloadable content with it.

WWE 2K15 PC version was released on April 28, 2015 and is being bought by many of the gamers who had not been able to play it on the platform before.

However, only time will tell what kind of mods the game is going to get, do tell us if you have seen any interesting ones.