Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Features 6GB VRAM, Releases in Few Weeks

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is confirmed to be releasing its new GeForce GTX 980 Ti variant in a few weeks. While official information about the card’s specifications is yet to arrive, Videcardz has apparently been in touch with the company’s President and CEO Jen-Hsun.

According to its report, Nvidia’s new flagship is going to be packing 6GB of VRAM, and will sport a GM200-310 GPU. The card will be available with custom cooling solutions for enthusiasts and have five display outputs: 3xDisplay Ports, HDMI, and DVI-I.

In comparison, the standard GTX 980 version – currently available – has a 28nm GM204-400 GPU. It’s unknown as to how this will differ from the new GM200-310 version. Additionally, the GTX 980 is only available with 4GB VRAM, which makes the 980 Ti a better solution for those in search of more memory.

While it isn’t confirmed, the new GTX 980 Ti is also said to be boasting 3072 CUDA Cores over 2048 of the plain 980 version.

Nvidia’s new hardware is said to be specifically designed to target rival AMD’s upcoming R300 series, which should be revealed by the end of summer. The price point is going to be a major factor here. Ti variants have always been expensive, and we’ll see if AMD has something up its sleeves which will give us the same performance at a cheaper price.