Fire Emblem If Creators Talk Downloadable Versions and More

Some developers for Intelligent Systems and Nintendo recently spoke to 4Gamer about the awaited Fire Emblem If. They shed some light on the reason behind their decision to divide Fire Emblem If into White Kingdom and Dark Kingdom versions.

Developers were asked if players will have different impressions of characters, depending on the side they choose? Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami replied to this by saying:

I believe so; however, you’ll be plenty satisfied even just by playing one of the routes, so please play whichever one piques your interest. After that, if you get curious about what happens on the other route, give that a try. Once you learn about one route, the other one will become more profound.

Yamagami was also asked about why they decided to split the game into two. He said that it has do with how easy it has become to add more content via updates.

If we were to put the content of both sides into one, we’d have no choice but to set the price as [the value of] two games, and that wouldn’t be fair to players that are just going to play one route.

The game takes different routes and each route has so much to offer. While some players like to have choices, others may just be satisfied with one route.

Developers say that each route has its own movies and is properly made. If that’s true, Fire Emblem If is going to be a massive game, one that would take a while to finish.

Fire Emblem If is heading to Japan next month for Nintendo 3DS. The game will get a Western release sometime next year.