Destiny House of Wolves DLC, Trials of Osiris Reveal Video

Trials of Osiris is the new mode that is being brought to you in Destiny House of Wolves DLC; and it not going to be too long before you are actually playing it.

However, while we sit and wait for the release of the upcoming expansion, lets dive into how exactly does the new mode work – among other things.

Bungie recently held a Twitch stream where they officially revealed Trials of Osiris and spent a considerable time showing off the ins and outs.

The stream was hosted by Bungie’s community manager Deej and the design lead for House of Wolves Crucible, Derek Carroll.

So it is a weekly PvP event with a new game type called Elimination – a 3v3 team based game – which Carroll believes is the most intense game type they have made for Destiny so far.

Diving in to the gameplay, they had assembled teams that played through Trials of Osiris in the live stream. For around 50 minutes, they covered everything from weapons to armor, and from locations to tactics.

Check out the video above and tell us how hyped you are about Destiny House of Wolves’ Trials of Osiris.

The expansion releases on May 19.