Battlefield Hardline “Game With Devs” Event Announced By EA

EA has announced a new event for Battlefield Hardline called “Game With Devs.” It is exactly what is sounds, players across all platforms – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC – will be allowed to play with or against developers of the game.

Developers from Visceral, DICE LA and DICE Stockholm will take part in the aforementioned event. Matches will be live streamed and players can spectate if they don’t want to take part. Those who do, should also tune-in to get the passwords for servers where devs are waiting for you.

The streams will start on the following times:

Event Times

April 30, 1PM PT – 3 PM PT

May 1, 1PM PT – 3 PM PT

Those who are suffering at the hands of buyers remorse after getting Battlefield Hardline, should definitely take part and take on developers to get some in-game revenge.

Me on the other hand, loved Battlefield Hardline and I’m looking forward to the happenings of “Game With Devs.” We can also expect to see some new news about the game to come out of the streams and also win some prizes, as the post on Battlelog suggests.

If you won’t make the matches, don’t despair – we’ve prepped the livestreams with all kinds of happenings. You can spectate the games, watch interviews with the Battlefield Hardline team, or take part of giveaways if you participate in online multiplayer matches.

You can visit the official Battlefield Twitch channel to view the action. Battlefield Hardline was released last month on all major platforms.