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Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC Released on PlayStation!

Those of you who have been waiting for the second DLC pack of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on PlayStation should rejoice, the wait is over!

Ascendance DLC has been released to PlayStation for $14.99!

If you visit the official website of the game you will not only be able to buy the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC but also watch a trailer and read up on what it has in store for you:

Prepare for Ascendance, the second downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Part Two of the Exo Zombies co-op experience: Infection introduces an expanded map with terrifying new enemies plus four new Multiplayer Maps enhancing exo-driven verticality. Devastate the competition with the bonus OHM Directed Energy two-in-one LMG/Shotgun and its OHM Werewolf Custom Variant and take on the new Exo Grapple Playlist for even more dynamic MP gameplay.

The four new multiplayer maps that the DLC will bring you are Perplex, Site 244, Climate and Chop Shop. Infection, the expanded co-op map that features Burgertown is also bringing you new enemies for instance Goliath Exo Zombies and Acid Drippers.

On the other hand you get new traps and weapons like Magnetron Microwave Gun. Last but not the least there is the Civilian Extraction Mode where survivors will need escaping the hordes.

As far as weapons are concerned you get the OHM directed LMG/Shotgun and its OHM Werewolf Custom Variant.

Have you been paying Advanced Warfare recently or did you stop after Treyarch Studios announced Call of Duty Black Ops 3?