PayDay 2 Butcher’s Western Pack Trailer Takes Us To The Old West

PayDay 2 is getting a new DLC pack thanks to 505 Games. The pack is named Butcher’s Western Pack and will take us back to the old west, if the new trailer is any indication.

The new trailer starts by showing a classic showdown between Sheriff Cloaker and one of the heisters. For one of them, things didn’t end too well.

Check out the video above to know what went down.

The trailer also gave us an indication of what new weapons/explosives we’ll be seeing in the DLC pack. For instance, we can see one of the hiesters holding a dynamite, meaning that could be among the items we’ll see. We can also expect to see a revolver in the game.

According to the DLC’s description:

Gunbarrel, Nevada ain’t big. It ain’t big enough for a lawbreaker. It sure ain’t big enough for four of ’em. And Sheriff Cloaker aims to keep it that way. If a lawbreaker comes to town, the Sheriff takes ’em out. Wild West style.

PayDay 2 Butcher’s Wester Pack will release tomorrow April 30th on Steam for $4.99. Head over to the link given above to know more.