Michelle Keegan Named FHM’s Sexiest Woman

Do you want to know who the World’s Sexiest Woman is? Any guesses? For most of us would be betting on Jennifer Lawrence but FHM crowned Michelle Keegan with the title.

Which is not a surprise if you look at her pictures she looks amazing. Michelle beats Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton to claim the number one spot.

A lot of us aren’t really familiar with this name that is because she is known for a few roles in British TV shows. Michelle is mostly known for her work in British soaps namely ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Ordinary Lies’.

Keegan claims the first spot while Kendall Jenner is set with the second, followed by Jennifer Lawrence (previously first), with Kate Upton at the fourth place and Caroline Flack at the fifth. Sandra Bullock who was declared World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine was nowhere on the list.

Keegan, 27 year old is engaged to Mark Wright who often gets worried when Keegan posts too many of those ‘sexy images’.

“He told me he was worried Michelle was posting one too many sexy pictures while on her hen do. Mark gets worried about his gorgeous bride-to-be in a bikini surrounded by so many blokes ogling her, I tell him he’s got nothing to worry about.”

Keegan sure does know ways of handling her man. Doesn’t She?