Killer Instinct Community Funded Event Announced; A Chance to Acquire Shadow Jago

Iron Galaxy Studios has announced a new Community Funded event accompanying the launch of Cinder on April 30.

Killer Instinct Creative Director Adam Isgreen announced that with the launch of Cinder, hundred per cent of the revenue generated by the IGS will go to the tournament scene until it reaches a hundred thousand dollars milestone.

Anything a user buys ranging from KI Gold to Full Ultra Pack; all its revenue (up to a hundred thousand dollars) will go to the tournaments for the next year.

This is not all! In addition to the Cinder’s launch, players will be able to buy Shadow Jago skin pack. The reason it’s being referred to as ‘Skin’ is because it’s basically a costume with minor audio changes.

However, if IGS manages to reach its milestone, it will release Shadow Jago as a full-fledged character for everyone.

There you have it, folks! You can now not only contribute towards the online/offline tournament scene, but also has a chance to acquire Shadow Jago.

You can check out the featured video above for more information!