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Justin Bieber Joins the Cast of Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2 is all set to put Justin Bieber in front of Derek Zoolander for a walk off. Both Ben Stiller and Justin Bieber announced on multiple Social Networking Sites that the singer has officially joined the Zoolander family for a cameo.

Last week, Zoolander publicized that Fred Armisen and Kyle Mooney will be joining the cast and now they have added a singer to it, we are sure Bieber will do just fine (Considering his CK shoot turned out quite good).

The image Stiller uploaded on Instagram and Bieber later tweeted shows the two putting on their best ‘Blue Steel’. Bieber also took it to Facebook when he said he was ‘Working on something big right now in Europe. To learn more follow me on Fahlo. He is so hot right now.’

Stiller’s co-star Owen Wilson who plays the role of Hansel is in Rome for 12 weeks shooting in and around the Cinecittà Studios. Bieber will be joining Lewis Hamilton, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Fred Armisen, Billy Zane and Penelope Cruz.

Stiller will be directing and co-producing the film along with Stuart Cornfeld from Paramount Pictures. Stiller has also co-written the script alongside Justin Theroux, looks like Stiller will be involved in different ways (he’s acting too).

“Last year, we started looking at it again and it seemed like the confluence of events of everybody wanting to do it, and it got to a point where it actually came together. And it’s exciting to finally be able to talk about it, too.”

Stiller also talked about the movie in a recent interview, a lot of people wanted the Zoolander sequel and it is finally here. Details about plot remain shady for now however, we believe it will revolve around Derek and Hansel trying to outsmart the industry that wants to bring them down.

Zoolander 2 premieres on February 12, 2016.